Lost Your Driver’s License Do To An Infraction

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Lost Your Driver’s License Do To An Infraction

One of the most consistent calls at our Law Office is from drivers who did not know their license was suspended. Unfortunately for these drivers, they were pulled over for some other infraction and given a driving while license suspended ticket. There are many reasons why your driving privileges can be suspended. Numerous state laws and other driving violations can lead to a suspension. Below are some of the top reasons drivers get their licenses suspended.

Drunk Driving. Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is still a big problem. Depending on how many times a driver has committed this offense, intoxication levels and whether he was involved in an accident all determine how long his license will get suspended. For a first-offense DWI in Texas, you will face a driver’s license suspension of 90 days to one year. If you have previous convictions for DWI, your suspension could range between six months and two years.

You are driving Without Insurance. All motor vehicles on the road must be properly insured. The Texas Department of Public Safety may suspend your license or registration for the following reasons: You’ve received two or more convictions for driving without insurance. The DPS has received notice that you’ve canceled your insurance. This also applies in cases where you allow a friend to drive your uninsured vehicle.

You are leaving the scene of an accident. In Texas, drivers are required to stop if they have been involved in a car accident. Suppose you fled the scene without giving aid or exchanging proper documentation. In that case, you can be charged with leaving the scene of an accident and have your license suspended for leaving the scene of an accident with injuries or death, or DWI.

Unpaid fines and fees. Approximately 7 in 10 license holds and suspensions in Texas are due to unpaid fines and fees. Regardless of why a person does not pay their surcharges, the Department suspends their driver’s license.

You are driving with a Suspended License or no license. The Texas Transportation Code also allows for an additional license suspension of the same length as the first. For example, suppose your license was suspended for six months, and you are convicted of driving during that suspension. In that case, your license will be suspended for another six months after the original period ends.

What Should I Do If My Driving Privileges Have Been Suspended?
Remember that you cannot drive your vehicle while your license is suspended. Having your driver’s license suspended is a serious matter and you must have the matter taken care of before things go from bad to worse. You may be facing possible jail time or having your suspension period increased if caught driving while suspended. If you believe you were suspended for one of the reasons provided above, talk to one of our traffic defense attorneys today to discuss your options.

Car Accidents: Auto Crash Injury Lawyers

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Car Accidents

Our Board Certified Civil Trial Attorneys have spent the majority of their legal careers defending the rights of car and truck accident victims. Our firm specializes in auto accidents and slip & fall injuries and has a reputation of not settling for anything less than what our clients deserve; and if the insurance companies play hardball, our team will take your case to trial.

Being the victim of another driver’s negligence can be one of life’s most painful and agonizing events. And often, the helpless feeling continues long after the accident when insurance companies sometimes try to take advantage of their policyholders by not compensating them to the full extent of the law for their injuries, damages, and lost wages. You don’t have to feel helpless. Our Personal Injury Attorneys will fight for your rights and help get you and your family get the compensation you deserve.More on this webpage

Auto Accident Facts

Did you know that car accidents are the most common form of vehicle accidents on the roadways and one of the leading causes of injuries and deaths? Auto accidents can cause catastrophic physical and emotional harm to the victims and their families. However, they also can cause great financial harm. In fact, according to the National Safety Council – depending on the severity of the injury – the average cost of vehicle accident injuries ranges from $24,400 to $62,500. These figures include medical bills, lost wages due to missed time from work, loss of future earnings, and repair costs.

Don’t wait–timing can make or break your case.

At our Law Firm, we utilize our decades of experience in understanding complex personal injury laws to gain compensation for our clients and their families. Suppose you or someone you know has been injured in a car accident. In that case, we recommend contacting competent legal counsel immediately to preserve evidence and get you the necessary medical care and coverage. Our firm makes it easy to meet with an attorney to learn your legal rights. Simply call toll-free to arrange a complimentary meeting right away. The consultation is free and there are no costs or fees unless we win a settlement for you.

Personal Injury Lawyers – Accident Attorneys

For people who end up being injured in an accident, it is sad that most do not know they can make claims about their injuries. Car accidents, medical mess-ups, and the like happen daily. Consider getting the help of a personal injury attorney if something that happened to you is causing you harm. Injury lawyers are all around the area. You just need proper research, recommendation, and consultation to track the most reliable person for the job. If you need to find injury lawyers in your area, use your discretion and visit websites that can be trusted. You must see that your sources are legitimate if you use referrals from your family and friends. A reputable practice, not to mention an impressive one, is essential for personal injury attorneys. The primary objective for legal representatives working on personal injury claims is to see their clients get compensation for any financial or medical issues that arose when they figured in an accident. It is in their practice to not just represent cases in court and earn monumental fees; attorneys help give the victims the required legal assistance they deserve. Surely, you can find many personal injury lawyers. Still, you should also bear in mind that searching for one you are comfortable with is the initial step to helping to get restitution involving the injuries done to you or your loved ones.

When you choose a law firm, see if they have emergency contact information, as you might need it, and also see if they make round-the-clock legal assistance available to their clients. This way, it assures the firm and its staff are knowledgeable in building strong cases while affording clients the best care they need. Aside from well-experienced legal practitioners, prominent law firms have crisis centers for injury victims who need further assistance. Aside from legal assistance, you can also expect psychological help. You need the help of law enforcement agencies when it comes to things that involve not only the law enforcement agencies but the insurance companies as well. The thing about highly skilled personal injury lawyers is that they always fight for the benefits that their clients deserve. An injury lawyer must be hired if you have a personal injury case.

Regarding this, you might need assistance when the bill collectors, not to mention personnel from other agencies, start showing up. Since you already have a lot on your mind, personal injury lawyers make things easier to deal with as they work on the negotiations for your case. A lawyer’s job is to get you the compensation you are entitled to when you have been injured in an accident. If you have already gotten in touch with a law firm but are unable to follow through, make sure that a lawyer should contact you within 24 hours. Personal injury lawyers are the best lawyers to call for car accident claims and other related concerns. You should know that you are not limited to accidents concerning cars in this case, as any claims from various roadside incidents are covered when it comes to this sort of thing. The attorney might file a wrong or incomplete claim if he or she is unaware of your needs, so see to it that all necessary pieces of information are provided early on.

Law firms have different lawyers that help them with personal injury cases, which vary tremendously. Other situations aside from car accidents count as personal injury cases. Here, all kinds of cases, from workers’ compensation, medical neglect and abuse, and franchise problems to wrongful death and mismanaged workers’ compensation, are part of the mix. Remember, personal injury damages affect both locals and tourists alike. You can find many lawyers online, but most do not have what it takes to represent you in court successfully. To get the right compensation if you are injured in an accident, you must work with an injury attorney who is competent and highly experienced in the field.