slip and fall attorneysSlip and Fall Accidents often lead to very serious injuries and medical complications necessitating the retention of experienced Slip and Fall Injury Attorneys to ensure your legal rights. For some reason, some people do not take the term “Slip and Fall” very seriously, but thousands of people are severely injured and even killed from slip and falls accidents every year when a defect of some type causes someone to fall down stairs, into open holes in floors, are hit by heavy objects dropped from ceilings, etc.accident Lawyers

Being a victim of a slip and fall accident can leave someone penniless if they do not have the right type of insurance or are uninsured and cannot afford the huge medical bills incurred as a result of the negligence that caused their injuries in the first place. That is one reason it is so important to have a legal consultation with a Personal Injury Lawyer who has significant experience in Slip and Fall Litigation like at our Law Office.

How Do Most Slip And Falls Happen?

More than 70% of all slip and fall accidents occur as the result of hazardous or dangerous conditions created by the negligence of the owner of the property where the accident happened. In other words, if a property owner or shopkeeper does not properly maintain their store or building and its surround areas, keeping them reasonably free from open hazards that can cause serious injury, they will be liable to pay for the damages incurred by innocent people who were injured because of the condition of the property. These damages typically include all medical bills and treatment, lost time from work, disability, vocational retraining, etc. Depending on the seriousness of the injuries, a slip and fall can cause an otherwise perfectly healthy person to live out the rest of their life in pain and unable to work due to disability.

If you have been seriously injured due to falling over something or something falling on you, then there is a chance that you have legal standing to receive much needed financal compensation to help cover your medical treatment, out of pocket expenses, future medical expenses and pain and suffering. A South Texas Personal Injury Attorney can help provide valuable legal guidance so that you understand what your legal rights and options are.slip and fall attorneys

Do People Really Die From Slip and Fall Accidents?

Slip and fall accidents are the second leading cause of injury in the U.S. Each year, over 16,000 people loose their lives due to extremely serious slip and fall Accidents caused by the negligence of another. Countless other Slip and Fall accidents result in serious injuries and lifetime disabilities of thousands of people annually. These unfortunate accidents can happen anywhere- from the local shopping mall to your office or on a public sidewalk. Slippery or defective flooring and inadequate lighting are some of the most common reasons they occur and Emergency Rooms across the Nation are filled with people right now receiving medical treatments as a result of being involved in a Slip and Fall Accident caused by the negligence of others.

Slip and Fall Attorneys In South Texas Ready to Fight For Your Rights

If you have been injured in a slip and fall accident or have lost the companionship of a loved one due to such an accident, the experienced Slip and Fall injury Attorneys at our Law Office will fight for your legal rights to ensure the largest financial compensation possible. The best part is you are able to retain the services of the Injury Attorneys without paying a cent. That is because we do not charge unless we win your case. Unlike other Personal Injury Law Firms that claim not to charge anything unless they win, we do not ask you to reimburse our expense pursuant to our exclusive No Win-No Pay-No Catch. accident law

The Personal Injury Attorneys at The Law Offices of Andrew Stewart stand ready to protect your legal rights after you have been involved in a slip and fall in South Texas, and will aggressively fight for negligent property owners to be held responsible for the serious injuries that their negligence cause. Contact our Slip and Fall Injury Attorneys for a free legal consultation and case evaluation today.

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